Shop On-Line with these Top Ten Companies

I love shopping on-line, there's no lines, no crowds, no kids and especially no grumpy store associates with attitudes. I can just sit, click and wait for my packages from the comfort of my home.
At times I believe that I maintain my budget plan when I shop on-line, with all the different deals that major companies offer. Most companies offer free shipping, VIP memberships (for xtra discounts), up to 20% off for ordering on-line, even special on-line prices. Its so many ways to save when buying on -line its ridiculous and I love it! Shop and Save is the name of my game. Here is my top ten picks for on-line shopping.

1. Amazon.Com
2. Walmart.Com
3. Target.Com
5. Lowes.Com
6. BestBuy.Com
7. Costco.Com
8. Macy's.Com
9. CVS.Com
10. Shoprite.Com

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